So much focus is put on how a jacket fits when looking at it from the front. The back is just as important. 

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Jesse Boykins III. Natural. photo by Bamboo Creative 

Watch NEW VIDEO here : 

Nice cover

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'because the internet' poster.

This is dope. Sort of has that 80’s feel.

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Thom Browne designed a custom 2014 Infiniti Q50. Check it out.

If this wasn’t chrome…I might have been interested. 

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How would you suggest I find a tailor for a high net worth individual while he is traveling?

That depends on a lot of factors. Where does he travel? Is he looking while he is traveling to have something made? 

Name that sample…

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Scott Schuman & Flamenco.

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I know “Dressed by the Internet” is a disparaging term in online menswear circles, but how can you not appreciate this guy’s pictorial of his shoe collection before and after discovering Style Forum?

Case Study: Before Style Forum & After Style Forum

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this is just awesome. 

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Menswear shoe company Meermin Mallorca decended upon NYC this past weekend and we snapped a few photos.

Those austerity brogues in cigar look nice

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