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Born as an underwear garment, the shirt has not always been like we know it today. Allegedly, in the beginning the shirts were made like pop-overs and only in 1871 the company “Brown, Davis & Co” registered the first model with frontal buttoning. Cuffs and collar were initially…

If you want to seriously nerd out on shirt construction, this is for you.

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El reportaje de hoy no deberías perdértelo… Primera prueba de Americana a medida en Sastrería El 91 (Capítulo III): http://www.sinabrochar.com/2014/03/primera-prueba-de-americana-medida-en.html




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The evolution of theGeländewagen.

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Gotta love ‘em

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The Armoury NYC

A small selection from our visit to The Armoury NYC during our trip to New York for MRket week.

As a lot of you will have already seen, the store itself is beautiful, with a wonderfully curated selection of products throughout. The staff were incredibly generous in taking the time to show us round the premises and talking to us about their range.

If you live in New York or happen to be passing through, definitely try to make some time to check it out.

Need to make a visit on my next weekend trip. Quite a few things I have been wanting to try on in person. 

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The only rapper I relate to

The only rapper I relate to

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Was this on the original album? I don’t remember it being there.

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So much focus is put on how a jacket fits when looking at it from the front. The back is just as important. 

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Jesse Boykins III. Natural. photo by Bamboo Creative 

Watch NEW VIDEO here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV1611WSBZk 

Nice cover

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'because the internet' poster.

This is dope. Sort of has that 80’s feel.

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Thom Browne designed a custom 2014 Infiniti Q50. Check it out.

If this wasn’t chrome…I might have been interested. 

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