happy belated birthday

Thanks! Much appreciated. How did you know?!

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Organize things you have Liked. 
More quickly find things that you have liked in the past by putting them into categories. 

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PJ new 5 fold wool flat knit ties

A fine flat knitted wool 5 folded with untipped split finish, self edged. In Navy, Charcoal, Dust (pictured), Chocolate. The same style of tie is also available in a sleeker silk type for a polished look. We recommend a simple four in hand (rather than our preferred double reverse four in hand).

Soft, sophisticated and luxuriant.

More images of new ties to come! Sit tight….

These are pretty.

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It’s actually my birthday right now and I’m excited as fuck tbh

It’s mine too!

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Hey I noticed your from chicago, as am I. Any good spots to thrift at? I seem to come blank whenever I go thrifting, I'm from the south side suburbs, tinley park, orland park etc...


Number 1 rule of thrift club: You don’t talk about where you thrift:)

Number 1 rule of thrift club: You don’t talk about where you thrift:)


#sartoriaripense #andrealuparelli #tessier #roma #ripense #pranzettodomenicale #bespoke #camouflage

Where is that camo jacket from? Dov’è quella giacca da?

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Kevin Spacey likes pineapple on his pizza. Good man. 

I wondered about the two knocks myself…that was awesome. 

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About hand-made shirts



Born as an underwear garment, the shirt has not always been like we know it today. Allegedly, in the beginning the shirts were made like pop-overs and only in 1871 the company “Brown, Davis & Co” registered the first model with frontal buttoning. Cuffs and collar were initially…

If you want to seriously nerd out on shirt construction, this is for you.

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El reportaje de hoy no deberías perdértelo… Primera prueba de Americana a medida en Sastrería El 91 (Capítulo III): http://www.sinabrochar.com/2014/03/primera-prueba-de-americana-medida-en.html




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The evolution of theGeländewagen.

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Gotta love ‘em

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