I know “Dressed by the Internet” is a disparaging term in online menswear circles, but how can you not appreciate this guy’s pictorial of his shoe collection before and after discovering Style Forum?

Case Study: Before Style Forum & After Style Forum

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this is just awesome. 

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Menswear shoe company Meermin Mallorca decended upon NYC this past weekend and we snapped a few photos.

Those austerity brogues in cigar look nice

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CP suede oxblood

Still would like the white low tops. The achilles are classic. 


CP suede oxblood

Still would like the white low tops. The achilles are classic. 

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Byte into Italian Style this holiday season

Find out which special guests will be attending our exclusive dinner party in Milano this holiday season. Watch & shop the fully interactive video now on > 

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Brabus B63S 700 Widestar (by GermanCarScene)

Need these side LED’s for the G. 

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Cordone 1956.

Hand stitched button hole

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Tyler the Creator explaining perfectly why the YTMA’s sucked ass

I was thinking the same thing. They just did the same thing as everyone else, and they really could have used their platform to identify the up and comers, the under the radar artists. Or the artist that are truly doing something creative. They based things on views, which is essentially just want is popular. They appealed to pop music fans, which aren’t necessarily music fans, or music video fans. People that listen to Katy Perry aren’t music fans, they are pop music fans. 

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This is just pretty

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Tailoring textbooks almost always describe the use of tape — 3/8” strips of woven material of linen or cotton — to draw-in various parts of the jacket. But here in Malaysia, coatmakers like using a thicker thread, sometimes a double strand of it, to achieve the same effect. I’ve seen thread being used this way in an Ede & Ravenscroft jacket too.

This looks awesome

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