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After sitting in the garage for 15 years, almost 15 years since my Father passed. I have pulled his car out of the garage and it is on the way from Pittsburgh, to me in the Atl. This car was the fastest sedan in its day, I still have never seen another in person. Today it could be considered the S63 AMG, but in 1979 it was the 6.9. There were only 200 in the country as they came in on the grey market. Same body as the 450Sel, but bigger engine, and pneumatic suspension. It rises when it starts. It normally isn’t that low, just low because it hasn’t been started in 15 years. Hopefully there is not any structural rust issues with it sitting so long, if not, I will commence restoration. Love you Dad, your legacy lives on.

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The Source | Best Albums & Singles of 1994

Back when sales directly reflected the quality of music.

The year that Hip Hop peaked. So many classic albums. #Spiritof94 

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Details by @fabiosodanonapoli || MNSWR style inspiration || www.MNSWR.com

Great looking shoulder. Sheesh. 

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For those who are following the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, but don’t have a personal experience with the disease… Meet my dad, Kirby Galberth, Sr. He’s a guy you actually have a lot in common with. He spent his career running stores and regions for F.W. Woolworth. He was a handsome, charismatic, basketball-playing, two-step-dancing, amazing husband and father… Turned ALS Fighter.

He was diagnosed with the terrible disease during my junior year in high school and lived with it for seven years. By the end, he had lost all mobility of his limbs, he couldn’t speak or eat. At the same time, he kept a positive attitude and made somewhat of a ministry out of reminding people of life’s priorities — spirit, family and friends. There is no known cause or cure for this disease.

During my father’s illness, resources from the ALS Association taught him how to use a laptop to go online even when he couldn’t use his hands. They equipped him with software that would speak his words even when his voice no longer worked. They helped transport him to/from my high school graduation. The research and services they provide helped my family tremendously AND helped ensure my dad had a quality life despite how things may have looked to outsiders.

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has brought worthy attention to a disease that doesn’t have the awareness or research funding that it deserves. As of today, Ice Bucket Challenge donations to the ALS Association are up to $53.3 million (compared to $2.2 million in donations during the same period last year). The ALS Association has tracked 1.1 million new donors as a result of the movement.

Over the past two weeks, every time I see someone dump ice water over their head, I’m reminded of the millions who live with this awful disease. I’m reminded of every family member and friend who has to watch a loved one slowly become trapped in his or her own body while their mind remains sharp and unscathed. I’m reminded of every doctor, nurse and researcher who shows compassion for ALS patients through their work.

I’m so thankful to every person who has jumped on the bandwagon — whether they’ve donated or just dumped ice water over their heads — they are making a statement to help raise awareness and funding to support a deserving community.

Here’s to finding a cure!

In loving memory of my dad.

If have not read a personally story about ALS, here is a story from my Wife about her Father. #als #icebucketchallenge

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1956- Gordon Parks documented the everyday lives of an extended black family living in rural Alabama under Jim Crow segregation for Life magazine’s photo-essay “The Restraints: Open and Hidden.” (via)

It’s still there but underground or they try to make it invisible…

We will never forget

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Sartoria Ripense

Good look.

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This moment. 


This moment. 

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Ajani’s first time bowling! Never touched a bowling ball before and got a strike on his first try. Talk about talent! His favorite part: the popcorn and strobe lights! :)

Family night out

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If this isn’t about race, why are racists donating to darren wilson?

Source: https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/502720686755176448

Absolutely terrible.

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