Ooh, the Brabus G-Wagen kit.

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MUSIC: Childish Gambino - STN MTN / Kauai (Mixtape)

After facing some delays on his planned EP with Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino releases his highly-anticipated new mixtape today via DJ Drama. 

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Only rapper I relate too childishgambino 

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I want a bike so bad. Will never get one, but these are awesome. Even if it’s only a concept.

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Lucked out and got the top floor at the Dream Hotel NYC, with the deck. Also, been searching for years for the perfect navy blazer. Got one MTM from my favorite shop The Independent in Rogers, AR.

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This morning Dream Hotel

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Dream Hotel NYC the only way to really watch the tv is if you are laying down. Not complaining though.

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After sitting in the garage for 15 years, almost 15 years since my Father passed. I have pulled his car out of the garage and it is on the way from Pittsburgh, to me in the Atl. This car was the fastest sedan in its day, I still have never seen another in person. Today it could be considered the S63 AMG, but in 1979 it was the 6.9. There were only 200 in the country as they came in on the grey market. Same body as the 450Sel, but bigger engine, and pneumatic suspension. It rises when it starts. It normally isn’t that low, just low because it hasn’t been started in 15 years. Hopefully there is not any structural rust issues with it sitting so long, if not, I will commence restoration. Love you Dad, your legacy lives on.

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The Source | Best Albums & Singles of 1994

Back when sales directly reflected the quality of music.

The year that Hip Hop peaked. So many classic albums. #Spiritof94 

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Details by @fabiosodanonapoli || MNSWR style inspiration || www.MNSWR.com

Great looking shoulder. Sheesh. 

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